Monday, January 28, 2019

Wynne and Yorks help Brooks Beasts to world best

Image: John Nepolitan

Kimbia athletes Henry Wynne and Izaic Yorks teamed up with fellow Brooks Beasts members David Ribich and Brannon Kidder to smash the 4 x mile indoor world best at the Armory on Saturday.

The quartet clocked 16:03.68 to obliterate the previous best of 16:12.81. Wynne ran his second leg in 4:03.5 to put the Beasts in front of their HOKA New Jersey New York rivals, and a stunning final leg from Izaic Yorks of 3:58.6 brought them to the line in record time.

“We’re building something at Brooks,” said Wynne. “This is a starting block for what we want to accomplish this year. We want to show people what we can do. We’ve been training amazingly…. We’re trying to make teams and win medals.”

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