Thursday, May 15, 2008

Video Versions of Ask Teg, So Solinsky….

Tegenkamp sports his Stop Solinsky t-shirtWe’ll be in Madison, Wisconsin over Memorial Day weekend for some quality time with Matt Tegenkamp and Chris Solinsky. Have questions for either or both? Submit them by May 23 to the addresses below, or leave them as a comment below, and we’ll produce video answers. Those addresses (in anti-spam mode):

askteg AT kimbia DOT net

soso AT kimbia DOT net

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5 responses to “Video Versions of Ask Teg, So Solinsky….”

  1. Nathan Keith says:

    To both,

    Have you developed any friendships, rivals, or other interesting relationships with foreign runners/athletes in your journeys around the globe?

  2. Joshua says:

    What does a typical race day look like including eating and warm up and such. Say the race is early like in XC? And then what do you do for a later race, say 730-8 pm or later?

  3. Lolw says:

    To both Matt and Chris

    Do you both have a set diet plan or do you eat as you feel, because you both seem to be much leaner than when at college.

    Is this down to the mileage you currently do or the benefits of a strict diet?

    If so could you shed some light into what it’s like?


  4. Nathan Keith says:

    Matt Tegenkamp,
    What goals are you looking to accomplish this summer, not just as far as times go, but also placing in races and how you compete and the overall caliber of athlete you want to become? Also, what specific steps have you taken(off season training changes, mileage, rest, etc) and which ones do you plan to take(working on different skills, paces, recoveries, etc.) to help you reach those goals in the near future?

    Chris Solinsky,
    How is training with Matt Tegenkamp and Jonathan Riley?

    Thanks a lot for your time and answers, and best of luck to the both of you.

    Nathan Keith
    Visalia, California

  5. David Lang says:

    This question is for both of you. What level of sickness will you guys continue to train through? For example, if you have a head cold, do you train as hard and fast as you normally do? And if you do take time off, how much do you take? Also, how often are you not able to properly finish a hard workout you set out to do, when you’re not sick? And if that never happens to you guys, why do you think you are that consistent?