Saturday, November 2, 2019

Tonn sprints to second at US 5K Champs

Jess Tonn produced a brilliant display to take the runner-up spot in the USATF 5K Championships in New York today at the Abbott Dash to the Finish 5K. The 27-year-old continued her breakout year to clock 15:44 and come home just one second behind Shannon Rowbury, who won in 15:43.

“For me, I just needed to find out what the recipe was for staying healthy and what that looks like in terms of training and life,” Tonn told “I just needed a holistic balanced approach to the sport and just life in general. Once I found that — and that was in Phoenix — it’s just been fun again. And I think I wasn’t having fun for a while and I am honestly just having a blast now.

“I got back to the basics with a focus on staying as healthy as possible and just getting strong. Stacking those healthy miles and training and racing on top of each other, and I think I’m honestly starting to reap those benefits of staying healthy. I think I had two unplanned days off in the last year and some change. For me, that was like the biggest win for sure.”

Watch her reaction below:

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