Friday, October 29, 2010

Their Own Words: ROOKIES VS THE WORLD Live Chat #1

Yesterday, Simon Bairu, Tim Nelson and Shalane Flanagan spent the afternoon answering questions in our first “Rookies Vs the World” Live Chat, hosted by our interactive partner In addition to showing an exclusive deleted scene of Simon Bairu discussing his 12th place finish at the World Cross Country Championships**, we enjoyed a lively discussion covering quite a range of questions: the three athletes fielded queries about marathon prep, how they will define “success” in New York, and, bedazzled waterbottles… among other things.

One highlight was Tim Nelson offering a comment on Simon’s video reflection:

I think it’s awesome hearing a two time NCAA Cross champ say that it took another four years before he ran as a World Class Athlete. That just goes to show that our group has some pretty high standards.

Put another way, Simon and Nelly make a compelling argument for the value of patience in one’s running. Also, Simon responded to a reader by sharing what he needs to do, in order to consider NYC 2010 a success.

How will you define success? How you compete, or time and place at the finish?


If I can cross the finish line having beat guys I wasn’t suppose to beat, I’ll be happy.

Given that Simon will be making his debut, there will certainly be a number of runners handicapped ahead of him — but with the hills of New York City playing to his strengths, we expect to see him cross that finish line in a “successful” position.

A full replay of the Live Chat can be seen over at Runnerspace, and we would love to hear your feedback below.  Tell us what you liked. Tell us what you didn’t like.  We want to hear it all, and hope you join us next time. In fact, we will be announcing our first contest for “Rookies” on Runnerspace on Monday, so check back soon! And hit up today for a new episode of “Rookies”!

[**UPDATE, 29 Dec 2010: Simon crossed the line 13th in this race, but has subsequently been moved up to 12th in the results after the disqualification of Chakir Boujattaoui of Morocco for a doping-related offense. Details of Boujattaoui’s offense can be found on this IAAF page.]

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