Thursday, August 19, 2010

Solinsky: Race Day

Last year, Chris Solinsky‘s PB was 13:12. A good time for an American distance runner: a very good time for an active American distance runner. He made his first World Championships team. But he wanted more.

This past week, Chris was marveling at how prescient some of his words from last summer have turned out to be, words captured in the final episode of Wisconsin to Worlds. Watch below:

“By the end of next year,” he says, “We’re going to be in the ballpark, that every race, if it presents itself to be that caliber of a race, has the potential for us to get American records.” The American 10,000m record now in hand and the 5,000m record just over a second out from his PB, Solinsky will be gunning for the best runners in the world tonight, and hoping the race presents itself to be “that caliber of a race.”

Watch on-line live via (fee required). We will have coverage as quickly as possible right here at, on Twitter, and Facebook.

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