Monday, June 29, 2009

Bairu Conquers Demons, Confirms KIMbia’s 5k Domination

Simon en route to victory in the 2007 Canadian road 10K championship.Last Wednesday night, @SimonBairu‘s twitter feed read: “8 National titles in Cross Country/Road Racing and 0 on the track-hopefully I end the curse tomorrow in the 5k!”  It took until about 4k into the race, but Bairu was able to capture that elusive track title at the Canadian Athletics Championships in Toronto on Thursday.

Simon initially wanted to go after the World Championships ‘A’ standard in the race to qualify for the IAAF World Championships in Berlin later this summer, but the humidity made that all but impossible.  Battling with Canadian Olympic team member, Eric Gillis, for the first half of the race, Simon pulled away over the last three laps and finished in 13:39, with a comforatble lead over the second place Gillis, who came home in 13:49.

With Matt Tegenkamp capturing the USATF 5k title last Friday, Simon’s 5k Championship makes KIMbia athletes 2 for 2 in the event in North American countries that are north of Mexico, a feat heretofore unheard of for a single agency. (This fact is unconfirmed. But probably true.)

Simon plans to forgo a trip to Europe in hopes of chasing the ‘A’ standard. Instead, he will stay in Portland to concentrate on making his marathon debut this fall.

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2 Responses to “Bairu Conquers Demons, Confirms KIMbia’s 5k Domination”

  1. Trackee says:

    Hey Simon, great race at nationals! Always good to see guys I followed in the NCAA go on to great things at their national meets.

    At this point in your career, since you’re moving up to the marathon for the first time, are your days of running 5000m on the track over? Will you run much more track at all?

  2. Steve says:

    simon,it’s been such a pleasure following you since your days at Leboldous. keep following your dreams, we are all so proud of you here in regina!