Monday, November 8, 2010

Rookies Against the World: Nelson 13th, Bairu DNF in NYC

A journey that officially began August 1st, concluded in New York City on Sunday, as a pair of KIMbia athletes ran debut marathons that each called years in the making. Tim Nelson turned his usual, dependable, solid showing, taking 13th in the deep field. His time of 2:15:06 may not turn heads, but it’s the 9th fastest American debut in New York and left him just 9-seconds out of 11th. “Nelly” has shown some indication that he is a bit of a “rhythm” runner; if given the chance, one could see him pop a fast one on a flat course in a paced race, sooner than later. Unfortunately, after a half-marathon PB in his mid-September tune-up race in Philadelphia — and week upon week of training that had been described as “great” — Simon Bairu logged a “Did Not Finish” after sticking with the leaders through 17 miles and eventually going down near 23 miles. As he said later that evening, “I ran till [sic] I literally couldn’t move.” He had been experiencing light-headedness and blurred vision for several minutes prior to collapsing.

Some nice recaps of their respective races were filed by the Capital Times out of Madison, The Star (Toronto), and Canadian Running. (Lots of general NYC Marathon content via Running Times and Runner’s World.) Top men’s results can be found here.

Meanwhile, teammate Shalane Flanagan (as you may have heard) finished a fantastic second in the women’s race with a textbook race: back in the pack through seventeen (slow) miles, poised in the front for the next few, responding to moves beginning around Mile 21, and then pushing a bit in her own bid to win with about five kilometers to go.

The race experience of each of the three Schumacher rookies will be recapped (if briefly) in the final episode of “Rookies Vs the World” which is “airs” tomorrow.

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