Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Quigley Claims First US Title in New Haven 20k

Sean Quigley can’t be anything but proud after taking home his first US Championship in any discipline, winning the Stratton Faxon New Haven 20k on Labor Day, with a time of 59:21.  Calling his post-collegiate career a “disappointment” to date, Quigley stepped up to take down US road champions Mo Trafeh, Brett Gotcher, and KIMbia’s James Carney, making New Haven the impressive win that the Massachusetts native had long been seeking.

Gotcher entered the race as the defending champion, Trafeh the returning runner-up, and Carney the 2008 champion. Late in the race,  Trafeh, Carney, and Quigley had broken away, and after weathering a surge by Trafeh, each KIMbia man made a bid for the win.  Carney went first, opening a gap during the long final straightaway, with Quigley just behind.  With a half-mile to go, it was Quigley’s move that came last and propelled him to first place: a victory in the longest race he had ever contested. Carney finished third, just four seconds behind Trafeh, while Jason Hartmann placed 8th in 60:44.

Full coverage can be found here.

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