Friday, December 4, 2009

Paul Norton: KIMbia Foundation Affecting American Lives

Paul Norton in KenyaIt’s hardly headline news to hear of great runners coming from Kenya, but in a bit of a twist, a summer spent in Kenya helped launch American Paul Norton of Brandeis to a Top 10 finish at the NCAA DIII National Championships in Cross Country on November 21st.  Working for the KIMbia Foundation as an intern, Norton crossed the Atlantic to support all of the Foundation’s programs, from our education initiatives to, most particularly, the Bother Colm HIV/AIDS Training Program that strives to fight HIV/AIDS in Kenya through increased awareness and the sponsorship of individuals needing medical treatment.  Along the way, Norton also had the opportunity to train with some of the finest athletes in the world, paving the way for his 7th-place finish at Nationals, and sharpening his own awareness of Kenyan life:

[Training in Kenya] changed my perspective on the sport a lot, especially because a lot of these people, they’re saying, ‘If I have a good season, I can buy a house or I can buy a car,'” Norton said of the Kenyans. “For me, if I have a good season I get a cute little plaque that says All-American on it, but it kind of changes your perspective on running and keeps you grounded, which I think was really important for me.

A story on Norton’s experience in Kenya can be found in the Brandeis paper, linked here.  Also, Paul will be sharing some of his most absorbing experiences here at throughout the month of December, so check back soon!

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One response to “Paul Norton: KIMbia Foundation Affecting American Lives”

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