Monday, June 2, 2008

Madison Project Series Begins

Welcome to the first installment of our Madison Project series. We’ll have new video every weekday leading up to Matt Tegenkamp’s and Chris Solinsky’s attempt to make the Olympic 5,000m team at the end of this month.

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Music by Sparrow.

Tomorrow: Teg Talks: What Happened in Hengelo

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3 Responses to “Madison Project Series Begins”

  1. Uncle Rob says:

    I think you guys forgot about the only Olympian training with those guys…Jonathon Riley.

    Figure it out.

  2. schaefer says:

    good luck to those guys. definitely will be watching and cheering. whos the music in the video?

  3. Klay says:

    Can’t wait to see what these guys do at the trials. Got all nostalgic when I saw them running in the Arb. Plus I used to live on Lathrop St. just down from their house. Good times.