Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lomong Speaks: Winning Wanamaker

Two-time Olympian Lopez Lomong broke the tape in the Wanamaker Mile at Saturday’s Millrose Games, and joined the ranks of the accomplished athletes who have won this prestigious race. Below, he shares some thoughts on the experience:

When did you know you had the race won?
I [only] knew I won when I crossed the finish line. I was well prepared for the race and knew who the big players were and had a plan in mind on how to win. I talked with my coach [Jerry Schumacher] a lot about the race plan and felt good. Even having said that, I never assume a win at any point until the race is finished.

What was your New York City experience for Millrose like?
The experience was fantastic. New York City always thrills me — it is so full of life and culture and so many people love the sport of track and field. It is always a great honor to run in front of a crowd like that. I feel even more blessed that it was a chance to go home and run in front of so many hometown fans.

Who in the field were you trying to prepare for, strategically? And how?
I never discount anybody. Anybody who is invited and shows up on the starting line belongs there and is going to bring something big to the race. I prepare for everyone. I prepared for this race the same way I do for every other race. I make sure that my training is going well and I go in with the mindset to put everything out there on the track. I was thrilled to get a PR and know that I am moving in the right direction!

What one memory from the event do you know you’ll hold onto for a long time?
Winning the Millrose Wanamaker Mile and holding the record is an amazing experience. Even though I hope that the record will continue to be bettered in the upcoming years it is still amazing to be even a small part of Millrose history. It is incredible to think that I am one in a long line of winners that stretches over one hundred years.

For more, Lopez has a blog about the race up on his personal website.

The race video is below:

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