Friday, August 24, 2007

Laban Gets Ready for the Marathon

I am very excited to be here in Japan. And I am excited for the race. My training in Kenya went very well this time. I did most of the training in my home area of Cherigany. There are several good runners in the area so I had many training partners. When Dieter arrived I went to Iten to Kimbia camp for my speed training. I did great 25k and 15k. Training went well and I am prepared.

It is hot in Osaka but I don’t think it is as hot as people say. [Editor’s Note: It’s extremely hot and humid.] Not as hot as it was in Boston in 2004. The race will be slow, but not too slow. The field is pretty strong with [Jaouad] Gharib, [Mubarak Hassan] Shami, and [Hendrick] Ramaala. [Editor’s Note: Gharib has since pulled out of the race.] I think I can win a medal, but the marathon is tough. You never know.

Tom and Matt came by today to help me with my water bottles. It was great to see them since they just arrived yesterday. I need Matt to put new songs and chasing kimbia videos in my iPod!

I will leave Osaka on Wednesday so that I can get home to start preparations for Seoul Marathon in October. I want to run fast there. Now I must rest. Good luck to everyone.

UPDATE: Laban did not finish the marathon this morning. He was with the lead pack at 20 kilometers, but started to fall off the back at the halfway point. He tried to regain a rhythm over the next two kilometers, but couldn’t get going again. He dropped out at the 24-kilometer mark.

“When we turned around, near 20k, I just lost all my energy. I had nothing. I tried to stay close for the next kilometers, but I could not go. With Seoul coming in October, I decided to drop out and not risk getting too tired. I am disappointed, but it was a very difficult day to run.”

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