Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Konnichiwa. That Means “Hello” in Japanese.

Nelson, Bairu, Tegenkamp, Solinksy, and Sikes in LondonFour KIMbia athletes will be competing at this year’s World Championships in Osaka, Japan. Matt Tegenkamp, Michelle Sikes, and Laban Kipkemboi all arrived today via Madison, Wisconsin, Greensboro, North Carolina, and Cherigany Hills, Kenya, respectively. Simon Bairu has been in Singapore for the last week with the Canadian National team; they chose Singapore as their training camp prior to the Championships. Simon will join the others in Osaka on Thursday, the same day Tom and I arrive.

Here is the competition schedule for these athletes:

Saturday, August 25th – Men’s Marathon (Laban)A visit to Laban’s house in Cherigany, outside Eldoret.
Monday, August 27th – Men’s 10,000m Final (Simon)
Wednesday, August 29th – Women’s 5,000m 1st Round (Michelle)
Thursday, August 30th – Men’s 5000m 1st Round (Matt)
Saturday, September 1st – Women’s 5,000m Final (hopefully Michelle)
Sunday, September 2nd – Men’s 5,000m Final (hopefully Matt)

We’ll be providing coverage from Osaka on a regular basis starting later this week. In addition, the athletes are all keeping journals, which we’ll post as the days roll on. Sayonara.

Official World Championships Website

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