Friday, January 6, 2012

KIMbia’s Semi-Official “Get Pumped for 2012″ List

Bear with us: full-blown cheese ahead. But really, there’s no better time to think big, to think positive thoughts, and to get excited than the start of a new year. So, here are the things that get us pumped for 2012, in no particular order.

Watching members of Team KIMbia try to realize Olympic Dreams in Houston
So many storylines to follow! Jason Hartmann probably has the highest ratio of realistic chances-to-amount-of-attention-received, of any entrant. Brent Vaughn has the talent to be in the hunt, and the naivete to take a chance and go for it. After big wins in 2010, Fasil Bizuneh (US 10-Mile) and Sean Quigley (US 20k) are looking to rebound from challenging 2011s. Shalane Flanagan is a total stud, but will be competing in only her second 26.2-mile race. And more…

Announcing an exciting new multimedia project, early this year
For the past months we’ve been hard at work on our biggest and best project, to date. We’ll have news to share in the next few weeks.

Seeing Chris Solinsky battle back from tough 2011
Chris is a paradigm-changing athlete — the kind of guy who you see inspiring other runners, youth-level athletes and his peers, alike — and the type of personality and talent that keeps you excited to work in athletics. The sport will be better for having a healthy Solinsky in 2012, and we know he is tough and hungry enough to get back to showing his full ability, soon.

Welcoming new athletes to the fold
We love working with fun, unique personalities at KIMbia Athletics. We love that Rebecca Donaghue has legit artistic chops, and that Simon Bairu considers himself the Bill Belichick of fantasy football. (Let the record show: he did win his league this year.) Bringing in new blood is both exciting and vital for us, as we continue to reshape and redefine the personality of our organization and the effect we want to have on the sport.

Experiencing The Olympic Trials Experience in Eugene
We had a blast in 2008 and are already getting excited for a week-plus amid the gorgeous greenery, the river-path-jogs, the delicious microbrews, and the ever-inspiring performances that come with the territory in Tracktown USA.

Expanding our storytelling endeavors
Since 2006, we’ve told at least one story each year, using extended video series that go in-depth into the lives of our athletes. In 2012, we have ambitious plans to make our video content even more ubiquitous, while upholding our broadcast-quality production standards.

Seeing a KIMbia athlete achieve a breakthrough performance
Let’s be real: we’re not out there on the roads, trails, or track with them. We’re not designing or implementing the workouts. But we hope that maybe we can help our athletes get the resources they need; can be a sounding-board when they’re making tough career decisions; or, can even offer some encouragement or camaraderie from time to time, if needed. If that constitutes 1% of what goes into someone finally popping the kind of race he or she always believed was in that head, heart, lungs and legs — see Solinsky 26:59, Vaughn 2011 Cross Country, Hartmann 2:11, etc. — then, we’re thrilled to be that bit. There’s no better feeling than seeing so much effort and desire come together in a great performance for someone you care about. And we know that will happen for one or more members of Team KIMbia this year.

Being a part of London 2012
This goes without saying. Here’s hoping you’ll join us on the journey towards this awesome event!

What are you excited about for 2012? Tell us below!

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