Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tim Nelson, KIMbia Out in Force at Payton Jordan

Tim Nelson at the 2008 Olympic Trials. Photo courtesy Nelly Train rolls on.  After pushing Olympians to the limit at the US Cross Country and 15k Championships earlier this year, Tim Nelson cut a huge swatch from his former 10k PB of 28:05, running a terrific 27:36.99 to earn an automatic World Championships Qualifying Standard and win the Kim McDonald 10k out at Stanford.  Fellow former Badger Simon Bairu took 2nd in 27:50.76 — just .05 slower than his PB — and James Carney was 5th in that same section, running 28:23.  On the women’s side, Rebecca Donaghue ran 33:08.97 to win the race and cut almost half a minute from her previous best on the track. Fitting to have two winners and two more Top-5 showings from KIMbia athletes in the 10k races bearing Kim McDonald’s name…

Pace in the top flight of the Men’s 5k sagged midrace, scuttling any hopes of achieving World Champs standards, but KIMbia athletes remained competitive.  Matt Tegenkamp and Olympian Alistair Cragg met the line in quick succession — with Teg 2-tenths behind, 2nd in the race and a 13:22 to his name.  Boaz Cheboiywo manged 7th in the same section, finishing in 13:30.  Evan Jager acquitted himself well in his professional debut at the distance, running 13:29.65 which was good for 2nd in the 2nd section.

Finally, in the Men’s 1500, Brent Vaughn was 5th in the 2nd section, clocking 3:43.89 — just 2-tenths shy of his PB — while Michelle Sikes continued a whirlwind tour of American competition with a 6th place finish in the 5000, hitting the line in 15:56.

Full results here; to see KIMbia-only results….

M 1500m
Brett Vaughn, 3:43.89 – 5th, Heat 2 **

W 5000m
Michelle Sikes, 15:56.19 – 6th, Heat 1

M 5000m
Matt Tegenkamp, 13:22.60 – 2nd, Heat 1 **
Evan Jager, 13:29.65 – 2nd, Heat 2 PB **
Boaz Cheboiywo, 13:30.44 – 7th, Heat 1

M 10,000m
Tim Nelson, 27:36.99 – 1st, Heat 1 PB ** ^
Simon Bairu, 27:50.76 – 2nd, Heat 1
James Carney, 28:23.92 – 5th, Heat 1 **

W 10,000m
Rebecca Donaghue, 33:08.97 – 1st, Heat 1 PB **

PB – Personal Best
** – US Outdoor Championships Automatic Qualifier

^ – IAAF World Championship Automatic Standard

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4 responses to “Tim Nelson, KIMbia Out in Force at Payton Jordan”

  1. JEREMYmosher says:

    Nathan, we’re going to get a more involved look at Stanford — including some of Matt’s thoughts — a little later this afternoon.

  2. Nathan K says:

    I guess the 8 weeks of training Tegenkamp missed out on didn’t set him back too far. He was still able to compete with Alistair Cragg, even though he has a slower PR than Tegenkamp. I wonder how Tegenkamp felt after that race, and I’m curious what all the splits were. Any chance of hearing of any post-race comments from Matt Tegenkamp or Jerry Schumacher?

  3. Ben R says:

    I saw that chris DNF’d in the 10k. He wasn’t just rabbiting for tim and simon, was he? is he alright?