Friday, June 10, 2011

Keitany Second in Dream Mile, Stands Second in Diamond Race

Fresh off an impressive win at the Pre Classic in the Bowerman Mile, Haron Keitany took to Oslo to take on many of the same competitors, plus additional talents such as Nixon Chepseba, Augustine Choge, and the man who defeated Keitany in Hengelo, Mohammed Shaween. Keitany came home second this time, with reigning Olympic Gold Medalist Asbel Kiprop getting the win by 0.16 over the Land Cruiser. Keitany ran 3:51.02 and was almost three-tenths clear of third.

At Pre, it was hard not to admire Kiprop’s special gold-medalist racing spikes — black with gold trim, and a sheen that make them look almost like leather — and after the race, Keitany said how much he would like to have a pair of those for himself. The two Diamond Race points he picked up in Norway now put him in second on the season, with six total… just one behind Kiprop. Four mile or 1500m competitions remain this year, giving Keitany a chance to lay claim to the “golden spike” position atop the whole world in his discipline. And, as he said after winning in Eugene, “Perhaps in Korea.”

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