Thursday, May 9, 2013

Infeld Featured in Runner’s World

Here’s a nice (older) Q&A you may have missed with Ms. Emily Infeld, the newest member of Team KIMbia. In it she talks with Runner’s World about her race at the US Cross Championships and adjusting to being in a professional group — including her first stint at altitude:

I’m not the best pacer. The first time, when we were doing mile repeats, I was supposed to be doing 74-second quarters, and I went out in 31 seconds [for 200 meters], which is what the boys did. A hard lesson learned; the rest of that workout was really painful and the rest of that repeat was really painful. I think it’s just knowing your body and not getting too antsy, and also thinking to take a little more rest between repeats. During tempo runs, I’d start out thinking, “I’m felling great, I feel like I’m going really slow,” but toward the end, I wasn’t picking it up too much. [The effect of altitude] was definitely building in my legs. I definitely did the hardest workouts I’ve ever done there.

Anyone who has run at altitude, recognizes this awareness as key, sage advice. Infeld, of course, would go on to place 21st as the 2nd American on a team that missed a bronze medal by just 17 points. Now she looks to make another world team, this time on the track. The US Championships kick off June 19th in Des Moines.

Lots more in the full interview, here.

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