Friday, February 21, 2020

Illness forces Cragg out of US Trials

Amy Cragg has been forced to withdraw from the US Olympic Marathon Trials after failing to recover from an illness. The Bowerman Track Club athlete made the decision earlier this week and spoke about it in an interview with Women’s Running.

“The Epstein-barr we could see through blood tests that I was getting over it,” Cragg said. “I cut out caffeine, I focused on rest and doing everything I can to get my body to go back to normal. But we were also trying to fit in the training so I’d be fit enough to run the Trials.

“In the end it wasn’t enough time. This last week, we pushed training a little bit and things were going pretty well, but I think it pushed me over the edge because I got the flu pretty bad. It was enough to knock me out. It was unfortunate timing and figuring things out a little too late.

“Now we know exactly what it was and we know that if I take it easier, things do come around pretty quick. My body was healing itself, so now that we have a firm answer, we can be a lot smarter in the training in order to move forward.”

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