Friday, November 5, 2010

Highlights from ROOKIES Live Chat #2

The rapport between roommates Simon Bairu and Evan Jager was evident, when they took part in a “Rookies Vs the World” chat on Friday evening, live from New York City.  We share some of the highlights below:

Josh G: What about living with Simon annoys you most?
Evan Jager: Our place gets pretty messy sometimes ’cause Simon never takes out the garbage. I’m not even sure he knows where to take it.
KIMbia Athletics: Simon: a rebuttal?
Evan Jager: Just kidding. That’s me. Honestly he thinks he can put me in timeout when I don’t do stuff he wants me to because he’s older… Then I remind him I can beat him up. Haha.
Simon Bairu: No comment.

Later, Evan addressed the now-famous debate between Chris Solinsky and Simon Bairu over Simon’s prowess — or lack thereof — at things the Canadian claims to be undefeated in.

Evan Jager: Speaking of undefeated… a little known fact about Simon and I is that I am undefeated against him in XC.
Simon Bairu: Sadly true.

For those stat/history buffs, the lone head-to-head match-up came in the alumni race held as part of the 2009 Wisconsin adidas Invitational.  It should be noted that while Evan won, both men were credited with the same finish time.

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