Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Erin Donohue: I [ Heart ] NJ

The new Frank Gagliano-helmed NJNYTC has been putting each of its members under the spotlight with a series of athlete blogs, and last week it was Erin Donohue who came up to bat. The New Jersey native and Olympian took the opportunity to put on for her state, extolling its wealth of facilities, its accessibility for travel to anywhere on the professional circuit and, well, its ability to toughen one up:

[...] Most major championships and big IAAF circuit races are held in large cities, which are hot, humid and have poor air-quality.  Living down-wind of Philadelphia prepares me perfectly for these conditions – there’s no amount of heat, humidity or oil refinery by-product that my lungs can’t handle.

It’s good to see someone who is so proud of New Jersey be able to make light of it a little bit, too. And, it’s even better to see an avowed skeptic of social media — such as Ms. Donohue — willing to still play along and give us a peak at her personality!

Read Erin’s full blog about how great it is to live, work, and play in the Garden State here.

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