Monday, January 11, 2010

End of 2009 Q&A: Matt Tegenkamp

Teg at Stanford 2009As we move into 2010, our athletes will each be sharing a look back at 2009, which we will be running throughout the next two weeks.  Next up: Matt Tegenkamp, who spent the past year making his third global championship final and breaking 13:00 in the 5k, running 12:58.56 in Brussels — a 6+ second PB and just two seconds away from the American Record.

What were you thinking with 800m to go in Brussels? Were you anxious that the pace was slowing too much and perhaps you would not get a shot at sub-13:00 and/or the US record?

With 800 to go, I knew exactly were I was for time and I was disappointed that the pace slowed and by the fact that I didn’t do anything about it.   I don’t think the other athletes would have let me get to the lead but I think if I had just made the effort the pace would have picked back up.  It was tough coming so close to the AR but it was a huge ste p forward and I know I left time on the track that day!

Now that you’re under 13-minutes, does it feel at all like a weight has been lifted?

A weight has been lifted but now there is another [goal] — sub-12:56.27.  It was great to finish the season on a high and it was a great lead into the fall base phase.

Speaking of the off-season, are you getting on the track at all in the winter or do you guys do all base?

Moving to Portland has allowed us to touch the track every once in a while for muscle memory.  The focus of the fall though is still aerobic str ength.

Now that you’ve actually had a chance to settle into Portland, do you have a favorite place to grab a locally-made craft brew in town?

I have to admit that I do not have an extensive portfolio to choose from but Deschutes Brewery is great. I was traveling all fall so my wife and I still have a lot to explore.

Teg Solinsky Jager after 2009 5k SweepWho wins a flat-out 400 between you, Jager & Slo?

I tried to debate this in my favor for two weeks but I finally realized I can’t compete with the 20-year-old.  I always knew Jager had the most pure speed but I thought he lacked the strength for the last 30 meters.  But after seeing his training this fall that argument did not hold up. I still think I could beat Solinsky. (Sorry, dude.)

Do you have a favorite running-related memory from 2009?

USA 5k: can’t pass up the sweep!!!

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One Response to “End of 2009 Q&A: Matt Tegenkamp”

  1. David Turner says:

    What sort of mile repeats do y’all run? 4:10s? How many? How much rest? Do all the superb runners in PDX get together for 10 -15 mile tempo runs? At what pace? 4:45? Faster? How fast?

    Just curious.