Wednesday, January 6, 2010

End of 2009 Q&A: Brent Vaughn

Vaughn at 2009 Pre ClassicAs we move into 2010, our athletes will each be sharing a look back at 2009, which we will be running throughout the next two weeks.  Next up: Brent Vaughn, who is preparing to step up to the half-marathon later this month.

1. You have talked a bit about moving up in distance starting in 2010.  Any idea yet when and where you might make your 10k/Half debut, and if longer races will be a part of the coming year?

I am planning to try out a longer race this winter before the track season starts.  I’m not planning to specifically get prepared for anything, but just want to run a road race during my preparation for the 10k and this upcoming track season. [Ed. Note: Brent has since entered the Houston Half Marathon where he'll compete for the USATF Championship at that distance.]

Brent Vaughn Ice Beard2. As we turn the page on the year, you are in the offseason and often have to battle inclement weather, living in Colorado, as you do.  With the goals of a new season lying ahead, can you offer any tips that help you train in cold, snowy, and sometimes icy weather?

My tip for training in the snow is just to do the best you can; don’t get caught up in trying to do exactly what you had planned for the week if it could potentially cause injury.  I also run in Yak Traks when it’s really slick out.  They help the slipping and can give your adducters and hamstrings a break.

3. What is your favorite running-related memory from 2009?

Brent Vaughn Attacks Belgian WaffleI didn’t have too many memorable moments in 2009 from running, itself.  I wasn’t too pleased with how I ran in any race but getting to spend some time in Belgium, Holland and Italy because of running was the most memorable.

Pictured at left, Brent enjoys a fresh-made Belgian waffle topped with ice cream, earlier this summer in Bruges.  As 2009 ends, Brent and his wife Sara are expecting their second child, and on January 17th, he will join several KIMbia athletes in Houston for the USATF Half Marathon Championships.

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