Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Donaghue On Taking 7th at US 15k Champs in Jacksonville

In her first race back from injury, Rebecca Donaghue took a very credible 7th in Jacksonsville at the US 15k Championships, contested as part of the 2011 Gate River Run.  Her KIMbia teammate Fasil Bizuneh placed 8th.

Rebecca discussed her race in great detail over at her blog, RunningRebecca.com, and, in addition to seeing dolphins and trying fried alligator, she was hungry to race:

I felt pretty much how I thought I’d feel, rusty from not racing in such a long time, and very excited to be out there again. Just in the past week or two things really started to come around with my injury. I logged decent weekly mileage within the past month but did only a handful of workouts without pain in my heel. Things have gotten better so gradually over the months but it was a pretty consistent progression that indicated that running at Gate would be a good fit.

And indeed the Gate River Run turned out to be a good fit.  In 2009, Rebecca’s 8th place finish in Jacksonville launched her into a breakout season where she PB’d at 1500m, 3000m, 5000m, and 10,000m on the track, and took 7th in the US Running Circuit, including runner-up finishes at the 5k and 10k US Championships.

Thanks to Rebecca’s coach Artie Gilkes for providing the photo of Rebecca and Fasil.

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