Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dispatches From Down Under: Twitter Hits

Matt Tegenkamp, Chris Solinsky, Tim Nelson and Andrew Bumbalough have journeyed to Australia for a fast, uber-competitive early season 5000m in Melbourne, Thursday March 3rd.  During this week, we’re sharing some reports from them, and today, we turn to Twitter.

Twitter is quite the momentary medium, where if you’re not tuned in when something is said, you could easily miss it. So here’s a little timeline recap of what the guys have been saying about their trip — in 140 characters or less…

(Any typos have been edited for clarity; all timestamps are Eastern Standard Time.)

Feb 24th 8:02PM
I am with usain bolt… If I go to Australia and dont see a kangaroo I will be super bummed.

Feb 25th, 12:56AM
And now the flight to Melbourne. Hope I can sleep! Good night, USA! Good Morning, Australia.

@ThatRunnerGuy (Tim Nelson)
Feb 26th, 12:21AM
Just arrived in Melbourne to discover that I now have cankles. Lovely.

Feb 27th, 4:32AM
Just wrapped up my workout here in Melbourne with the guys. Was [a] rough feeling just getting off the plane yesterday, but still hit da splits.

Feb 28th 4:48PM
Finally have some sun today here in Melbourne. Gonna be a good day. Had a good time going to the Melbourne aquarium yesterday; saw sharks.

Feb 28th 7:55PM
Finally SUN here in Melbourne! Found out this is the wettest summer on record… I thought we left Portland?

Mar 2nd 4:37AM
pre-race tune up. done. awesome pre-race meal. eaten. time to watch ‘The Town” and grab a magnum ice cream bar.

Mar 2nd 5:44PM
RACE DAY!!! Slept in, coffee, toast, eggs; getting primed!!

Mar 2nd 8:08PM
Finished breakfast @ Pancake Parlour. Having Amy here is great 4 company, but also great having extra food she doesn’t eat, to fuel my race!

By the time you read this, we’ll be mere hours away from the gun going off. Watch the race live (at 5:03AM EST at — or follow along via kimbia’s own Twitter account, @kimbia.

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