Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Delilah Explains It All: Q&A #1

This past week, Delilah explained it all over at PumaRunning.com, where she fielded some questions that dug a little deeper into her life, as shown in the series DELILAH. A sample, below:

As a Columbia grad, I’m sure you have an affection for the Upper West Side, but, putting the Upper West Side aside, what is your favorite neighborhood in New York and why? — Shannon, Acton, MA
I’m going to eschew the expected LES (Lower East Side) or Gramercy Park areas. While these areas are full of neat restaurants, great shopping and young, hip professionals, I’d probably feel like an outsider. Park Slope, Brooklyn is more my style in that it has a more neighborhood feel, spacious apartments and plenty of greenery, yet it’s still quick subway ride to Manhattan. In my different life, I would choose to live in this area.

Check out the rest of the questions at the link, above. And, you want to know more about Coach Gags or Delilah’s preference in ice cream cakes? Well, then fire away at heydelilah@kimbia.net and get your questions answered.

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