Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Chris Solinsky Takes Your Pre-Oxy Questions

Chris Solinsky suffered a horrific hamstring injury in late-2011, leading to an entire 2012 season away from competition… and one of the most remarkable comebacks in recently memory. An 8:05 3000m indoors showed he had solid fitness once again, as he cruised to the win, going away. Then he entered the Stanford Payton Jordan 5000 with questions swirling about how competitive he could really be. A very strong 13:23 answered them and put him within striking distance of the World Championships “A”-standard of 13:15, a mark at which he will take aim on Friday at the USATF Occidental High Performance Meet.

Before flying to LA for the meet, he took to Twitter to answer some questions. Portions of the transcript have been edited for clarity, accuracy, or brevity.

@KIMbia: OK, team, @ChrisSolinsky is standing by to field your tweets like the Gold Glove 3rd baseman he would’ve been in another life. Have at!

@KIMbia: To start things off, – Chris, how under control did you keep things in your 3k this indoor season?
@ChrisSolinsky: The pace was quite modest for a 3k we hit 4:24 first mile, which was the fastest mile I had run to that point, but stayed controlled.

@KIMbia: Has there been a discussion of the pace at Oxy yet? Assuming they’ll take you out at “A”-standard pace?
@ChrisSolinsky: Sounds like 7:57 through 3k which is right at A standard pace. The plan is to go with it and see what I have left at the end

@DanGuerilla: Hi Chris, are you going to run from behind like in Stanford or are you going to be up front?
@ChrisSolinsky: The plan is to race as I used to race, get up in the heat of the race and stay there until the racing starts and then strike!

@KIMbia: You kicked away from the field pretty hard in that 3k… feel like you’ve added another gear since then?
@ChrisSolinsky: I have definitely added strength since then and my speed is coming back slowly as well. It is a process, but making gains each week.

@DanGuerilla: What would be your strategy to beat guys who can close in 52-53 the last 400 in a 5K?
@ChrisSolinsky: I have closed that fast as well, but it would depend upon how the 11.5 laps before that were run…

@ReeseKenneth: In @CDerrickRun’s interview with Letsrun he said you loved [Settlers of] Catan. What is your favorite strategy to 10 VPs? Wheat/Ore?
@ChrisSolinsky: That was a bold faced lie from Chris, I despise the game actually. Sorry! That’s all they played in The Springs. [My wife] Amy and I play a lot of Monopoly, Scrabble, and Life. I’m very stubborn, and they were obsessed.
@ReeseKenneth: Why do you despise the game? It seems like a perfect blend of your other favorites. What’s your favorite Monopoly piece?
@ChrisSolinsky: Like I said, I’m stubborn and they were obsessed, so clearly I had to be staunchly against it. I always go with the shoe.
@JeremyMosher: My entire view of financial success was shaped by [c. 1992 edition] LIFE. In other words $50k salary = STRAIGHT BALLIN’
@ChrisSolinsky: That’s how I learned that insurance and getting married were good for life.
@ReeseKenneth:  Besides NOT playing Catan, what are your other hobbies?
@ChrisSolinsky: Well, I love hunting and when I’m home I actually really enjoy working in the yard; gardening/landscaping.
@CDerrickRun: I never lie.

@FakeLiao: Who wins an arm wrestling match – you or Alan Webb?
@ChrisSolinsky: maybe the old Alan would have won, but now he has slimmed down. I mean I’m clearly the strongest guy in the group, so UNDEFEATED!

@DanGuerilla: I read in an interview, you drank Sprite everyday. Do you still drink soda beverages?
@ChrisSolinsky: I used to, but my wife Amy and I have tried to streamline our diets in the last year and we don’t keep soda in the house now.
@DanGuerilla: Have you seen any improvement in your body because of that?
@ChrisSolinsky: Well I have lost weight and have found that I am actually craving healthier foods rather than as much junk.
@KIMbia: The dietitian/Big10 Champ Mrs. @MattTegenkamp [ed. Michelle nee Carson] nixes soda, saying, “We don’t like to drink our calories.”
@ChrisSolinsky: HAHA! Unfortunately, she won’t give us a consultation, so this was a house decision.

@KIMbia: I’m sure many folks are interested: what do you think Alan is capable of running on Friday night at #OXYHP?
@ChrisSolinsky: Good question; the rest of the group is in Mammoth, but I heard that he is doing very well up there and getting quite fit.

@professorhooves: Sub-13 in Europe??
@ChrisSolinsky: Well, I think there is no limit. I am definitely going to be progressing throughout the year, so I won’t rule it out.

@ZachariAmbrose: What’s your opinion on lifting and distance running? A lot of people disagree, but you’re one of the bigger guys…
@ChrisSolinsky: Sorry I can’t help you more: I don’t lift at all. Those scrawny types need some of it to hold their frame together in a race.

@ReeseKenneth: If you could get any current athlete’s autograph, who would it be?
@ChrisSolinsky: Probably my buddy from HS, Joe Pavelski, who plays for the San Jose Sharks. SPASH Class of ’03, baby!!

@MeScottDouglas: What’s the fastest 200 you’ve run since surgery? Do you find yourself holding back a little when doing striders?
@DanGuerilla: How fast you think you can run over 100m when you are 100 per cent?
@ChrisSolinsky: Hmm, good question. I have timed strides before and got down to 12.5, but not sure in a race

@KIMbia: I know you need to catch a flight @ChrisSolinsky but 1.3 seconds = @LopezLomong’s gap on the other KIMbia guys in #OXYHP 1500m: over/under?
@ChrisSolinsky: I would say over; Lopez is a monster and the 1500 is his baby, so the other guys will have to have big PB’s to catch [him].

@ChrisSolinsky: Thanks for the questions, guys, now it is time to jump a flight to LA and get ready to compete and take another step forward!

Chris is due to take the track at 9:40pm PT on Friday (that’s 12:40am for us ET folks), as he goes up against a class field.

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