Tuesday, September 11, 2007

chasingKIMBIA Season Three

40K at Magnolia. Ugali and Chicken. Table Mountain. CNN and Fox News. Trips to Wal*Mart. Yep, it’s that time of year again. Welcome to Season Three of chasingKIMBIA.

KIMbia in FalmouthThe Chicago and New York City Marathons are fast approaching, and the athletes have been getting fast. Season Three kicks off next Monday from Boulder. You’ll meet some new athletes this season, like Christopher Cheboiboch, who has a PR of 2:08 and has finished second in both New York and Boston. You’ll also see some old faces, like Baba (New York) and James Koskei (Chicago).

But the biggest change this year will be the addition of an American to the group. Fasil Bizuneh is an up-and-coming American marathoner. His half-marathon PR of 1:02:20 came in the US Championships where he finished second to Ryan Hall, and ahead of Olympic silver medalist Meb Keflezighi. He’s been training with the guys in Boulder since the end of August in preparation for the US Olympic Marathon Trials, which take place in Central Park the day before the regular NYC Marathon. He had this to say right before his move to Boulder:

“The Marathon trials are 10 weeks away and I know that this is the right decision for me. Training with the KIMbia marathon group will give me the best possible chance to succeed on race day. With all of the American talent that will be in Central Park on November 3rd, no one will be backing his way into one of the three Olympic spots. It will take a great race to make that team. Based on my last two marathons (2:18 in Minnesota & 2:29 in London), most people would place my chances at finishing in the top three somewhere between slim and none. There was a quote from a movie that I recently saw that said, “If a man wants to have something he’s never had before, he’s got to be prepared to do something he’s never done before.” It will take the best race of my life to make the Olympic team. Therefore, I am going to go through what I expect to be the best training that I have ever done in my life to achieve it. This will be a dramatic change in my training and daily life.”

We’re excited to have Fasil in the group and look forward to watching his progress from Boulder. Early reports from Baba indicate that things are going well. “Fa-zeel is very strong,” Baba told me. “And really a great guy.”

We hope you’ll tune in next week for the third installment of chasingKIMBIA. Three weeks until Chicago; seven weeks to New York. Here’s to hoping for great results.

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