Monday, October 20, 2008

Charles Kibiwott Third at Dong-A Marathon

Charles Kibiwott (right) at the 2007 Dong-A Marathon.At yesterday’s Dong-A Ilbo Gyeongju Marathon in Gyeongju, Korea, Charles Kibiwott placed third in 2:10:06. (Charles was second in last year’s race.)

Tom Ratcliffe was on hand and files this report:

“I’m not sure if if made a difference, but Charles was leading with 1K to go and followed the press truck straight when the course, and the two guys with him, took a sharp right. He was suddenly 20 meters behind and, although he closed the gap, they surged just as he got back to the lead with about 600 meters remaining and he was gone. John Yuda was with the group of 5 until 35K, but ended up 7th in 2:11:55.”


1. Sylvester Kimeli Teimet, KEN 2:09:53 PB
2. Yirefu Birhanu, ETH 2:09:56
3. Charles Kibiwott, KEN 2:10:06
4. Samson Barmao, KEN 2:10:22
5. Edwin Komen, KEN 2:11:12
6. Shadrack Kiplagat, KEN 2:11:13
7. John Yuda, TAN 2:11:52
8. Lee Myoung-Ke, KOR 2:16:22
9. Mikhail Khobotov, RUS 2:17:39
10. Min Ji-Hong, KOR 2:18:36

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