Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Europe Report Card: Matt Tegenkamp

Across the Atlantic Ocean, there is a vast expanse of majestic landscape, there are bustling city streets, windmills, breathtaking artwork, there’s even something called “tea time”, AND there is a group of American based KIMbia athletes on the European track circuit. The front half of most of these athlete’s time in Europe is over while some are just getting started. We will be checking in with the athletes to get a full report on how their summer is going. They will be grading themselves on how well they have raced so far and how well their training has been going this season. They’ll also be detailing some of their time off the track to give an idea of what life is like for them on the European circuit.Matt and Statue in Europe

Today, the wily veteran of the KIMbia group weighs in on his season thus far. If you have read anything about Matt Tegenkamp since he finished college running and turned pro, you know that he has a laser guided focus to one race per year. This year, that race is the 5000m World Championship in Berlin on August 23.

Since winning the 5000m U.S. Championship in late June, Matt has only raced once, a 5000m in Heusden, Belgium, and he absolutely lit up the track. He finished 2nd in 13:07, missing the win by half a second and beating a pair of sub-13:00 runners in the process. After the jump, check out Matt’s report on his European season so far.

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