Friday, February 10, 2012

Andrew Bumbalough Takes to the Track in Fayetteville

Andrew Bumbalough will be looking to make a splash at Saturday’s USA Track & Field Classic in Fayetteville. “Bumbi” will be contesting the 2-Mile, scheduled at 7:32, with the meet set to air Sunday from 12-2pm EST on ESPN2. He started off his indoor campaign with a strong 3:58.46 mile win in Seattle at the Washington Invitational, an almost five-second victory which equaled his previous personal best for the full mile.

It’s worth noting, though, that this time last year, the Tennessee-native was getting ready to lace them up for the US Cross Country Championships. He had this to say about the shift to running indoors this year, instead:

The build-up to the 2012 season has gone extremely well. As you said, last year at this time we were preparing to run the US XC Championships in San Diego. We were hammering out longer workouts and keeping the volume up. This year we have decided to throw in a brief phase of speed oriented work, targeting a handful of indoor races.

While we are preparing for much different events (indoor track vs. XC), our training has still put strength at the forefront – touching on some speed every once in a while to help make the transition to outdoor track easier. I generally prefer this sort of build up because it touches on my strengths as a track guy. We’ve had some fun sessions that require more precise running. XC is great but it is definitely more of a grind.

While these [indoor] races are not the focal point of the year, they will provide a springboard to have us ready to roll once May and June come around. The two-mile this weekend in Fayetteville should be a great test. I’m excited to see what kind of gains I’ve made over the past few months.

Bumbalough placed 2nd in a deep field at US Cross last year. Does that auger a good performance in Arkansas? We find out Saturday.

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