Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bizuneh Healthy, Ready to Roll in NYC

Fasil at Olympic Marathon Trials 2007Fasil Bizuneh popped his marathon PB in New York at the Olympic Marathon Trials in 2007 — that despite a go-for-broke approach in which he raced aggressively and went after a spot on the Olympic Team.  Now the Arizona State grad returns to New York to take a crack at the traditional NYC course and a very, very tough field, albeit with what he calls a “more measured approach.”  He took some time to answer a couple of pre-race questions and preview NYC.

Your marathon PB came in New York at the Olympic Trials in 2007. Although 13th place may not have been exactly what you were hoping for, you stuck your nose in that race for as long as possible and raced commendably.  How will that NYC experience affect or inform your approach to Sunday?

One of the issues that affected me at the Olympic Trials race in 2007 was and injury that I was dealing with the four weeks leading up to the race.  Fortunately my training for this year’s NYC Marathon has gone off without a hitch and I am excited for my prospects on Sunday.  With the Olympic Trials, I had an all or nothing mentality. If I couldn’t be in the Top 3, then it really didn’t matter what place I got.  For Sunday’s race, I will use a much more measured approach.  Therefore, I should cross into Manhattan at 20 miles with plenty of run left in my legs.

With its usual top-notch international competitors PLUS the US Marathon Championships taking place, the NYC Marathon will put you in one of the deepest fields in any marathon of the past decade.  What would you tell fans to look for on Sunday as far as the intersection between those “races” goes?

I think the field of US marathoners that NYRR has assembled ensures that domestic success will go hand in hand with a top ten finish in the overall field.

You have really committed to chasing and finding the very best training situation for yourself, having lived everywhere from Tempe to Monterey to Virginia to Tennessee, and now you’re back in Arizona. What are your first impressions of your relocation to Flagstaff?

Flagstaff is a great place to train throughout the year with a variety of well-maintained trails.  There’s also no shortage of top class runners to train with on any given day.

Since the retirement of chasingKIMBIA (Fasil’s preparations for the Trials were documented in Season Three), you have had to take social media into your own hands and recently joined Twitter. What have you enjoyed most about tweeting and who would you recommend that our readers start following?

The ability to share real time picture and text updates with friends and followers is one of the great advantages of using Twitter.  Twit2Fit is a fitness oriented twit-group that my coach and I use to help everyday people achieve their fitness goals.  It’s a forum that allows for open discussions and is a community of fitness-minded adults that hold each other accountable for their goals.  It’s a group that I would recommend following.


Join Twit2Fit by using the  hash-tag #twit2fit and check @FasilBizuneh to follow Fasil on Twitter — on race day, follow his race with the Athlete Tracker at, or with video coverage from NBC/Universal.

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