Thursday, February 28, 2013

Schumacher Men Take Aim at 13:15 in NYC

Trying to run the Worlds “A” standard of 13:15? Indoors? Sounds so crazy it just might work… especially when you have six world-class teammates committed to that goal and willing to work together. (Doesn’t hurt to have an 8:13 steepler pacing, either.) Tonight, Matt Tegenkamp, Lopez Lomong, Evan Jager, Andrew Bumbalough and Elliott Heath (plus teammate Chris Derrick) will hit the track at the Armory in New York City for the Columbia Last Chance meet. A meet designed for college runners to achieve NCAA standards, Jerry’s Jets have their sights set on the World-level standard, instead. The opportunity was made possible with help from the New York Road Runners, and some of the KIMbia athletes racing shared their thoughts on what to expect… Read the full article

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Flanagan Half PB Now #3 American All-Time

It was a small personal best. But by running 68:32 on Sunday’s Rock ‘n Roll Half in New Orleans, Shalane Flanagan moved into the #3 spot on the US all-time performer list, ahead of the legendary Joan Benoit Samuelsson. Shaving five seconds off a previous lifetime best of 68:37, the Massachusetts-native leap-frogged her fellow New England star in Samuelsson, and showed very good fitness for the Boston Marathon on April 15th.

Shalane finished as runner-up in the race to two-time Olympic gold medalist Meseret Defar, beating teammate (and US #2) Kara Goucher and Olympian Helen Clitheroe to do so. Flanagan now owns three of the top 10 American performances all-time — despite never training specifically for a race at the 13.1-mile distance.

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bumbi, Jager Speak: A Historic Millrose 2-Mile

The number three American performer at two miles indoors is now Andrew Bumbalough, after he ran 8:13.02 at the Millrose Games on Saturday. Teammate Evan Jager ran 8:14 to grab #4 on the US all-time performer list, while Lopez Lomong won the Wanamaker Mile in a facility (and meet) record time of 3:51.26, making him #8 all-time in the world. As a Georgetown grad, Bumbalough feels a strong connection to the east coast and loves New York, and here he talks about the experience this past weekend.

What stands out about coming to New York to compete?
Flying into NYC is always exciting. The lights and buildings of Manhattan sparkling as the sun dips beyond the western skyline. I love this city and I especially love competing here.

Coming into Millrose, what were your expectations for the race?
There is an undoubted energy that surrounds this sport in the city that never sleeps. You feel it is almost your duty to go out and give a good performance because the fans give you so much back. The 2 mile set up to be an awesome race at Millrose. A record attempt certainly meant a quick early pace and so I was ready to hurt early.

How do you remember it playing out?
We came through the mile in 4:06, a pace for which I felt Read the full article

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lomong Speaks: Winning Wanamaker

Two-time Olympian Lopez Lomong broke the tape in the Wanamaker Mile at Saturday’s Millrose Games, and joined the ranks of the accomplished athletes who have won this prestigious race. Below, he shares some thoughts on the experience:

When did you know you had the race won?
I [only] knew I won when I crossed the finish line. I was well prepared for the race and knew who the big players were and had a plan in mind on how to win. I talked with my coach [Jerry Schumacher] a lot about the race plan and felt good. Even having said that, I never assume a win at any point until the race is finished.

What was your New York City experience for Millrose like?
The experience was fantastic. New York City always thrills me — it is so full of life and culture and so many people love the sport of track and field. It is always a great honor to run in front of a crowd like that. I feel even more blessed that it was a chance to go home and run in front of so many hometown fans.

Who in the field were you trying to prepare for, strategically? And how? Read the full article

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Lomong Wins Wanamaker, Bumbi Now US #3 All-Time

He followed in the footsteps of Eamonn Coghlan and Nourredine Morceli by making everyone follow his footsteps at the 2013 Millrose Games: Lopez Lomong ran 3:51.26 on Saturday night to win the Wannamaker Mile and join its list of renowned champions. Lomong’s performance also broke the event record, but that comes with a large caveat now that Millrose has been moved to an incomparably faster facility at the Armory. What needs no caveat, though, is his new #8 all-time ranking in the world — #3 among Americans — for the mile indoors. Moreover, as fast as the track at the Armory is, Lopez turned in the fastest performance in its long history by a whopping 2.7 second.

Lomong’s teammates from the Jerry Schumacher-coached branch of the Oregon Track Club ran stand-out races in the two-mile, as well. Andrew Bumbalough clocked a sterling 8:13.02 as the race runner-up, making him the #3 American all-time indoors and cracking Read the full article

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