Friday, July 29, 2011

Delilah Explains it All: Q&A #2

Another round of questions for Delilah turned up some fun answers.

What about Coach Gags’ personality as a coach do you like best? — Clint, Madison, WI
Coach Gags understands the mental aspect of the sport really well. With the training year being so long, he is good about injecting a little bit of fun into every practice. He is a pretty good crooner so it is not uncommon for him to tease us about our boyfriends or girlfriends by bursting into song. This approach puts us at ease and keeps us from getting carried away at the wrong time of the year. When it is time to be more serious, he knows exactly what to do to get us to concentrate and feel confident in our preparations.

To read the other questions, check Puma Running here.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Delilah: Episode 5 — In the Spotlight, Into the World

Over the last few years, Delilah DiCrescenzo has come a long way. And now she’ll be going even further — to Europe and South Korea beyond. Episode 5 of DELILAH includes her thoughts on the #1 hit song that made her a household name, a look-in at her racing on her home turf in New York City, and where her journey will take her next.

For more from DELILAH, visit

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Donohue Rolls in Finland with Big PB and Victory

Lapinlahti, Finland was the site of an Erin Donohue romp in some over-distance action that saw the New Jersey native lop almost thirteen seconds off of her PB on the way to a decisive victory. The Coach Gags-trained athlete came home in 8:55.07 which is the 11th fastest (outdoor) performance of 2011.

Donohue raced in the 1500m again on Wednesday — once again in Finland — as she competes in the 1500m at the Joensuu Games.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Monaco Diamond League 2011: A Photo Gallery

Three KIMbia athletes took to the track in a much-anticipated Diamond League meet bringing — among other attractions — one of the hottest 5000m races imaginable. Below are some photos depicting the scene at the stadium.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Delilah Explains It All: Q&A #1

This past week, Delilah explained it all over at, where she fielded some questions that dug a little deeper into her life, as shown in the series DELILAH. A sample, below:

As a Columbia grad, I’m sure you have an affection for the Upper West Side, but, putting the Upper West Side aside, what is your favorite neighborhood in New York and why? — Shannon, Acton, MA
I’m going to eschew the expected LES (Lower East Side) or Gramercy Park areas. While these areas are full of neat restaurants, great shopping and young, hip professionals, I’d probably feel like an outsider. Park Slope, Brooklyn is more my style in that it has a more neighborhood feel, spacious apartments and plenty of greenery, yet it’s still quick subway ride to Manhattan. In my different life, I would choose to live in this area.

Check out the rest of the questions at the link, above. And, you want to know more about Coach Gags or Delilah’s preference in ice cream cakes? Well, then fire away at and get your questions answered.

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