Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Twitter Updates for 2007-12-12

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Monday, December 10, 2007

James Koskei Wins Dallas White Rock Marathon

James KoskeiWith no blisters to slow him down, James Koskei won the 2007 Dallas White Rock Marathon in 2:15:09. He also won the $25,000 Gender Challenge (the women were given an 18:35 head start). In October James was forced out of the Chicago Marathon with a nagging blister that developed just three weeks before the race. Disappointed with his Chicago DNF, James decided not to waste his fitness; he went back to Kenya and started preparing for Dallas. Although he had hoped to run faster in Texas, the decision to run another marathon so soon paid off.

Strong winds and light rain meant a more conservative approach for the elite athletes. At 24 miles four men ran together, all in contention for the win. It was during this mile that they passed the women’s leader, Emily Samoei of Kenya. So with just two miles to go, the men knew that the race and the $25,000 gender challenge purse were on the line. “I wasn’t thinking about the women’s race,” James said after the race. “My main goal was to win the race and I was confident in my kick today.” Rightfully so. Displaying the same speed he used to win so many shorter road races throughout his career, James out-kicked Edward Kiptum to win by just two seconds. The top five places were separated by only 45 seconds. “I was very happy to win today,” James said with a smile. “This is my first marathon win.”

Stories, results, and video

Dallas Top Five Men
1. James Koskei, Kenya, 2:15:09
2. Edward Kiptum, Kenya, 2:15:11
3. Moses Kororia, Kenya, 2:15:33
4. Stephen Biwott, Kenya, 2:15:33
5. Mathew Koskei, Kenya, 2:15:54

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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Twitter Updates for 2007-12-09

  • James Koskei wins the Dallas White Rock Marathon (2:15 and change) and the gender challenge. Congrats James! #
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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Twitter Updates for 2007-12-05

  • Happy Birthday Chris Solinsky! #
  • isTeg: Enjoying the warm weather in Tempe, not missing the snow in Madison. #
  • isSikes: Feeling relieved having picked my Rhodes Scholar program for next year (Human Sciences). #
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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Singore Girls at NTN

Twenty-four hours of travel, freezing weather, the first site of snow, and thick mud didn’t slow the Singore Girls cross country team at the 4th annual Nike Team Nationals in Portland, Oregon. The only element that prevented the girls from scoring a perfect sweep in the open race was a cavity, which caused Emmy Kerich to have an off day.

The Singore Girls at NTN, ready to go.After winning their qualifying race in Kenya, the Singore Girls punched their ticket to Portland – a rare trip outside of Kenya. Arriving just a few days before the race, the girls were greeted by cold, wet conditions and enthusiastic and curious American high school runners. Running in the open race Valentine Koech, Naomi Kipkemboi, Vivian Chelagat, and Mercy Kosgei took the first four spots running over one minute faster than the fifth-place finisher, Jessica Barnard of Little Branch. Emmy Kerich finished 45th, giving the Singore Girls a 31-point victory over second-place team Dana Hills (55 to 86). (Full coverage of the meet can be found here.)

The girls had a great time in Portland, capped by an impromptu standing ovation given by the hundreds of high school athletes, coaches, and parents in attendance at the post-race awards ceremony. They returned to Iten with great stories, new friends, and an experience they’ll never forget. Congratulations girls. We’ll see you in Iten soon!

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